We know that filling out registration forms can be time-consuming but its to ensure that we get all the correct information right at the beginning of your journey with us to make sure that your experience with HK Montage is as smooth as possible.  We’re also obliged to obtain certain details for employment law which is ultimately about your personal protection.  So let’s get going.  We promise it won’t take long!

HK Montage Contact:   Anthony Tam

By law, we require your full ID. Please do not omit or mask any numbers/characters
Mobile / Residential

* Direct Marketing & Use of Personal Data

We like to keep you informed about job opportunities but only if we have your consent to do so.  We use your Personal Data in order to provide our products and services to you as we may use your Personal Data to fulfil your requests for information and employment opportunities and to assist in the recruitment process.   The email address provided at registration allows us to send email to you based on the areas of interest that you may indicate during the employment registration process.

** Maximum Commission which may be Received by an Employment Agency (For Disclosure & Compliance Purpose)

As required by Low, we are responsible to inform you that  according to Section 57 of Employment Ordinance and Regulation 10(2) of the Employment Agency Regulations), the maximum commission which may be received by an employment agency shall be from each person applying to the employment agency for employment, work or contract or hire of his services, an amount not exceeding a sum equal to 10% of the first month’s wages received by such person after he has been placed in employment by the employment agency.

However, please note that HK Montage Recruitment Limited will NOT receive any commission from you (the employee).